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40 years in the market

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The Pacific Island and its Love for Coconuts Nature’s smartest oil from the Tree of Life. We Are Proud to Be 100% Fijian Owned All Our Products are 100% Fijian Made


Our aim in venturing into the manufacturing of Virgin Coconut Oil was to tap into the increasing demand for this type of oil and particularly in the growing market for healthy cooking oil as an alternative to conventional cooking oil.

By diversifying and venturing into the production of Virgin coconut oil, we are able to better accommodate the selling power of coconut farmers. Our venture has enabled the current farmers to supply us with not only copra (dried coconut meat) but also whole nuts which sets a platform for sustainable income.

Fiji Coconut Millers PTE Limited provides further support to its suppliers and farmers by free carting of copra and whole nuts from their farms. Such support has ignited a renewed interest in Fiji’s coconut oil industry