Our Organization has been present for over

40 years in the market

We make the most of all our customers.
The Pacific Island and its Love for Coconuts Nature’s smartest oil from the Tree of Life. We Are Proud to Be 100% Fijian Owned All Our Products are 100% Fijian Made


Our Vision

  • To be the leading manufacturer of coconut oil in Fiji and the South Pacific.

Our Mission

  • To operate an efficient and profitable company that provides consistently good returns to its customers and shareholders.

Our Objectives:

  • To provide harmonious working relationships with shareholders, workers, producers and other stakeholders.
  • To ensure that the desired company profitability is achieved consistently.
  • To ensure efficient and effective mill and plant operations.
  • To encourage production of quality copra and coconut oil products.
  • To provide sound research on products, business development, and marketing.
    To be innovative in areas of product diversification.