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The Pacific Island and its Love for Coconuts Nature’s smartest oil from the Tree of Life. We Are Proud to Be 100% Fijian Owned All Our Products are 100% Fijian Made

How Does Coconut Oil Benefit Me?

Coconut Oil Benefits

  • Hair – Coconut oil is a  great hair nourisher and natural gel. It assists in increasing the hair’s thickness and growth. Coconut oil is also used as an active ingredient in homemade hair products.
  • Skin Moisturizer. –  Coconut Oil is in natural moisturizer. Its natural antioxidant properties make it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation. Coconut Oil also has natural healing properties.
  • Healthy Fats – Coconut Oil contains lauric acid. This amazing compound is rare in nature, except in mother’s milk 
  • Mental Boost – Studies show MCTs may contribute to focus and mental performance.
  • Hormone Support –Helps the body in natural hormone production.
  • Immune Support– Helps in the strengthening the Immune system.
  • Great for Cooking –  one of the best options for a cooking oil due to its highly stable nature under heat. It has amazing nutritional properties and has positive benefits in reducing body fat. It is great for cooking eggs, stir-fries, grain-free baked goods and practically any other general cooking use.
Fiji Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Coconut Oils.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Naturally Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is wholesome and healthy. Our Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is the most natural form of coconut oil.  The Oil is extracted from the fresh coconut flesh using the cold press method. No heat or chemical compounds are used during this process. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is completely unrefined and 100% pure. This ensures that the oil retains all the natural goodness of the coconut. Our virgin coconut oil is made from the best coconuts.


100% Pure Coconut Oil

100% Pure Coconut Oil

100% pure coconut oil is tasteless and does not have any odour. An expeller press is used in the extraction process. Pure Coconut Oil is a natural moisturizer for skin and hair. Its various properties make it a key raw ingredient in the manufacturing of soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. Studies have shown it can also act as an additive for petroleum oil. It is also commercially used as a feedstock for the production of Biodiesel.