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The Pacific Island and its Love for Coconuts Nature’s smartest oil from the Tree of Life. We Are Proud to Be 100% Fijian Owned All Our Products are 100% Fijian Made


100% Pure Coconut Oil

100% pure coconut oil is manufactured by extracting coconut oil from copra. An expeller press extracts the crude coconut oil from the copra . This crude oil then  passes through a double filtration system to remove any impurities. This process produces pure coconut oil.

Pure Coconut Oil has numerous applications.

  • It is natural moisturizer for skin and hair for the people of the South Pacific.
  • Used as a cleansing agent and natural sunscreen.
  • One of the key raw ingredients in the manufacturing of soaps, shampoos and cosmetics products.
  • Used as an additive in petroleum oil.
  • Commercially used as a feedstock in the production of Biodiesel.

Available in

  • 200 ml PET bottles
  • 500 ml PET bottles
  • 750 ml PET bottles
  • Bulk orders can be shipped in 1000 kgs and 20 tonne quantities

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